ask a muthafukin thug.......hmmmmm

aight, i like this blog right here. this what you do, go to the nigga’s site and ask a question. then wait for a response. the either get cursed out, talked about, or get your feelings hurt. either way, that nigga thurr, go drop truth.  that is if you can handle it.

"In order for a place to truly be a staple in the rap game, there has to be someone to represent that hood’s streets. In St. Louis, there’s no question that Nelly is the city’s trailblazer. However Tef Poe, hailing from the Pine Lawn neighbo"



btw, I am from Saint Louis and I must say it is quite hood. I would know, I am quite hood myself. Thank you.

all thug all the time

Like I said all thug all the time.

Type of thugz I like

My ideal thug would be, black as tar, big lips, a nice cut, well hung, sense of humor, a good hustle, and don’t give a fuck.

dAt-HaNdSoMe-tHuG -

Now click and see how fine this thug is. Is he a real thug, I ain’t sure. Though he does seem to be radiating plenty of thuggery.